selfieday #birthday

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*holds own titty for comfort*

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maybe i shoulda made my eyebrows bigger/darker. you live and learn #birthday

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ever heard ‘get lucky’ played on steel drums? no? i have.

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vintage badges from my own past birthdays #birthday

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Spotted while house-hunting, unfortunately it wasn’t for sale.

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actually just thought to myself “why doesn’t my big box of badges have a search function?”

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Thank you to Jenny and Natalia for making us such a stunning poster for this year’s Toronto Queer Zine Fair! 

Those interested in tabling, performing or volunteering should check out our website for more info!

Two weeks away!!!!

yo i’ll be tabling at this with my mixed race zine (which i’m putting together over the next few days and has some REALLY AWESOME contributions!!!!!), some cute patches and stuff, and also robin is bringing some awesome queer zines from the uk to share with ppl here so it’s gonna be really exciting!
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nokiabae featherframe crawl out of the sweaty grip of Ldn and come join the cheap northern party ennit

maaate this affluenza and rising cost of transport got me hooked. Get in on this!


me and my friend used to rent a 4 bedroom house in manchester for £600. he used his spare room as a screen printing studio and i rented mine out to our friend so i ended up only paying £150 per month.

this was directly before i was thrown into paying £375 in brighton.

i hated manchester though so there’s that.

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