today i ordered a sewing machine online, I can’t wait for it to arrive yay

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hahaha so a job i really wanted wants to hire me but they want me to work more hours than i really want so i dunno what to do hahahahaha.




I’m starting a forum for QTIPOC where users can be as anonymous (or not) as possible. I’ve accidentally outed myself in the past through joining open groups and I’ve been thinking for a while about how much easier it would be to share resources, facilitate discussions, vent, organise, create support networks and enforce a safe space for QTIPOC if we were to organise outside of Facebook. qtipocbrighton made me feel like I’ve finally come home but there is a distinct lack of resources for QTIPOC that don’t have access to local groups and/or don’t want to be outed by joining Facebook groups.

If anyone is interested in helping me out with this then please message me. If you can contribute graphics, want to help me moderate or spread the word then please let me know! Any suggestions as to privacy settings, forum organisation, rules etc would be really appreciated.

Register now and get involved! Any/all feedback is really appreciated. What do you want from

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Nice bath with napoleon ☺️

another reminder that i really miss having rats.

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Toshio Saeki

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i just wanted to express my joy at being simultaneously in love with, attracted to, and comfortable with a person. that is all.

Looking for submissions for my MIXED-RACE zine


Over the past few months to a year I have been thinking a lot about my background, and attempting to overcome a lot of the issues I have had to do with it.

For a little while now I have wanted to make a zine about being mixed-race - specifically thinking about internalised racism - growing up being ashamed of parts of who you are, feeling like it has to be that way, and eventually beginning to accept it and even embrace it.

Something I have learnt over the past few months of speaking to people about this is that no mixed-race person has the same story. Everyone has had different experiences. What I want from this zine is to gather some of those stories together, from anyone who has previously experienced difficulties with their racial identity and overcome them, or from those who are still trying to get there.

Submissions can be in the form of stories, letters, artwork, poems… whatever works for you.I would love to start putting this together within the next month so if anyone would like to contribute, it would be great if you could send anything over by SUNDAY AUGUST 17TH to

Hope to hear from you soon. Please reblog/tell your friends!

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